Over the course of their participation in the program, JED Campus schools receive:

  • A 4-year partnership with JED, providing resources and support from a dedicated JED Campus Advisor
  • Assistance in building a multi-disciplinary team to work on this initiative with support and involvement from senior leadership on campus
  • The JED Campus baseline assessment – a 130-item tool measuring systems, policies and programs based on JED’s Comprehensive Approach followed in the fourth year by a post-assessment evaluating systems change achieved during the course of the program
  • Two administrations of the Healthy Minds Study – an in-depth assessment of students’ attitudes, behaviors and awareness of mental health issues both at the beginning and at the end of the program
  • A feedback report based on the JED Campus and Healthy Minds Study assessments, highlighting strengths and areas for enhancement in the institution’s systems, policies, and programs
  • An on-campus meeting with JED team members to review feedback and potential recommendations
  • The development of a strategic plan complete with detailed objectives and action steps for implementation
  • Participation in our Learning Community consisting of webinars, newsletters and an email listserv
  • Access to ULifeline – an online resource center for your students with information and resources about emotional wellness and campus resources as well as a confidential online screener
  • Access to the JED Campus playbook – an online resource library of organizations, policies/protocols, programs/products, research/articles, webinars/media, and documents from other schools related to the JED Comprehensive Approach
  • A summary report with pre-post data analysis for both the JED Campus Assessment and the Healthy Minds Study showing both systems change and impact on student attitudes, behaviors and awareness as a result of the project
  • Support in the final year devoted to issues of sustainability to help institutions maintain the gains they made while in the program
  • A membership seal signifying the institution’s commitment to working with JED to improve the emotional health and well-being of its students and working to prevent suicide and serious substance misuse
  • Discounts and free access to numerous programs and services that enhance the supports available to students and staff
  • After completion of the 4 year program, membership as a JED Campus alum with opportunities for mentorship and ongoing participation in the JED Campus Learning Community

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