Cost and Payment Options

The fee for participation in JED Campus is $22,000. This fee is a one-time payment for the four year program due at the start of the program. It is inclusive of all costs associated with the partnership between JED Campus and the school, including payment for two administrations of the Healthy Minds Study.

The cost for the program is consistent for all institutional types and sizes. However, we do recognize that schools are resourced differently, and thus we have established a financial aid fund for schools that are under resourced but have the drive, passion, and leadership support to complete the program

Our current financial aid fund is supported in large part by the Hudson’s Bay Company Foundation. We appreciate their ongoing support!

You can begin the registration process, submit a financial aid request, or contact us with questions about payment.

JED also consults with colleges and universities outside of JED Campus. If you feel like your needs would best be addressed outside of the JED Campus program, learn more about JED Consultation Services.